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Doors 23:00

HITZE is coming back with its 3rd edition. We decided to introduce the lineup with some rhymes.. (no, you haven’t asked for it but..) ♩♪♫♪♬ In Fitzroy’s embrace, we gather with grace, Hitze returns, our hearts to embrace. Two editions behind us, our gratitude flows, Now, back in November, as the cold wind blows. Irem Tanriverdi, on Refuge Radio’s scene, A regular enchantress, where beats convene. In her tunes, our hearts she’ll intervene, A sonic journey through night’s serene. Colombian and Canadian, an artist takes flight, Daniel Rincon, known as Nap, ignites the night. With unique beats and rhythms, his talent’s in sight, In their melodies, we’ll find our delight. From Copenhagen’s “Den Aden Side,” they’re here, watch out for these DJs, bringing music so clear. Carlo and Selma, Group Therapy’s founders, they show, In their rhythm and sound, the dance will grow. As the night matures, with stars aglow, Severja and Raleigh will guide the flow. Closing the event, their back-to-back show, In their music, our spirits will overflow. In this poetic dance, the order is clear, From ambient to beats, the night we revere. In Fitzroy’s embrace, there’s nothing to fear, As we dance through the night, the magic is here. ♩♪♫♪♬

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18/07 MIAAN x SpiceLounge: VERÃO

Brought together by a passion for avant-garde rhythms, knotty percussions and dutty bass MIAAN x SpiceLounge brings you a unique line-up of selectors from Tehran to São Paulo. Following MIAAN's electric equinox launch, we have teamed up with the kitchen-grown UK-based electronic music collective, Spice Lounge, to celebrate their first Berlin event and welcome the summer heat. Expect baile, bass, leftfield techno and more (ay ay ay). “There is light and wine, and sweethearts in the pomegranate flowers. If you do not come, these do not matter. If you do come, these do not matter” - Rumi The celebrations will be guided by: NORA: NORA is a huge highlight of the Brazilian scene, participating in events such as Mamba Negra and ODD in São Paulo and KODE in Rio de Janeiro with energetic sets that range between various frenetic styles. Her appearances on Boiler Room’s Hard Dance as well as NTS and The Lot Radio, have cemented her role as a rep for the popping Brazilian electronic music scene. IZZI: DJ, Radio Host and member of Daytimers collective who uses her sonic platform as a way to highlight underrepresented artists and subcultures and push the London scene down bold, original avenues. Joining us after her Glastonbury debut, we can expect a club set that transcends dance music and expands our minds. Izzi’s diverse heritage has led to many different genres and subcultures translating to a hybridised club sound which is equally likely to be informed by leftfield techno, dancehall, dembow, amapiano and gqom. DJ Chichi: Known for her eclectic taste, Chichi's sets are a sonic journey that transcends traditional genre boundaries. From the pulsating beats of techno to the soulful rhythms of house, and the nostalgic crackle of vinyl, she crafts an experience that captivates audiences and leaves them craving more.

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