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Deep Web: Monstera Black (live), GЯEG, MSJY, Altjira & Rrrod




Deep Web: Monstera Black (live), GЯEG, MSJY, Altjira & Rrrod

Doors 23:00

Let’s gather once more to celebrate the start of the weekend, this friday 1st of September. For this occasion, 5 high-calibre artists from different backgrounds offer up their sound to the Fitzroy dancefloor. Now enhanced with Funktion One horns. Monstera Black, live-performing her soul-devouring pop incantations; GЯEG, arriving from Paris with his hectic, jungly and sauvage dembow blends; MSJY, the shape-shifting bass royalty whose sets hardly ever leave a limb unshaken; Altjira, opening up a lysergic portal into the far end of experimental psych-tech and Rrrrrod, closing the night with a fat bag of low-end surprises. A night that happens to be unknown but not unknowable, presenting music that’s totally up your swamp. Unconditionally, unquestionably and unequivocally Deep beyond belief.

Advance tickets: 9€ + RA fee Door tickets: 15€ Fitzroy Holzmarktstraße 15, 10179 Berlin Venue capacity is limited. Expectations on the guidelines of our space will be given to all attendees to help ensure respect, kindness and safe dancing. Deep Web does not tolerate any form of discriminatory, aggressive or disrespectful behaviour during, before or after the party. If you or someone you see is in need of care, please reach our staff and they will help you immediately. Be kind.

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23/02 Forever Unlimited

DJ LOSER  CUNT REMEMBER  Doppelganger  Dj Aveen + Unlimited residents Live visuals by Sasha Smirnova Set design by Kris Bekker

29/02 POWER SUPPLY hosted by SUPERMELODIE with Mareike Bautz, rZr aka DJ Gabi

Mareike Bautz  DJ Gabi  Former Future Proto Eklekta POWER SUPPLY - the first-ever party hosted by the Berlin-based DIY label SUPERMELODIE, is set to be your supercharger. Join us as our talented friends and headliners for the evening, Mareike Bautz and rZr aka DJ Gabi, along with co-founders Former Future, Eklekta, and Proto, deliver hard-hitting grooves, hot UK basslines, welcoming house vibes, and intelligent breakbeats. The doors will open wide on Thursday, 29th February 2024, starting early at 8:30 pm. Swing by after work, and remember, being fashionably late is not an option.

01/03 Starseeds: Miran N, Moretz, Fhionn, Cashper, DJ Chichi & Solalex

Starseeds Spring Edition at Fitzroy: A Celestial Celebration! Join us for an enchanting night under the stars as we usher in the vibrant season of spring with the much-anticipated Starseeds event at Fitzroy! Prepare to be immersed in an otherworldly experience on the 1st of March, where the atmosphere will be charged with cosmic energy, and the music will transport you to realms beyond. LINE-UP: Cashper b2b Fhionn (Co-Founders of Solace Space, Ireland) Miran N (Co-Founder of Powerplay Rave, Berlin) Moretz (Fandango, Berlin) Solalex b2b DJ Chichi (Co-Founders of Starseeds, Berlin and Co-Founder of xcuse:u) There will be a special set design prepared by your favorite local florist and DJ sleeptwitch. Prepare for an auditory voyage through the cosmos, as each artist brings their unique celestial signature to the stage. Starseeds Spring Edition promises to be a night filled with cosmic connections, positive vibes, and a community united by the love of music. EVENT DETAILS: Date: 1st March Venue: Fitzroy, Berlin Time: Doors open at 11:00 PM - 9:00 AM We rely on our community contributions to make our events sustainable. If you’d really like to attend but you are not able to pay entry, please DM and we can work something out. See you under the celestial canopy! Fitzroy is accessible with a wheelchair and there is an accessible toilet. All available toilets are gender neutral. DM us if you have questions about accessibility. Lighting (no strobes) and smoke machine will be in use. We are a part of the Berlin community standing with activists protesting the siege of Palestine and the rise of antisemitism and racism around the globe – €1 of each ticket will be shared with the European Legal Support Center.

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