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Cuddles Vol.3: DASCO, 131bpm, Jessica Nightlife & More




Cuddles Vol.3: DASCO, 131bpm, Jessica Nightlife & More

Doors 23:00

Presented by Cuddles

In need of urgent cuddles? After our big summer rave in OXI our queer oasis is opening its doors again, this time in Fitzroy!

Like one of our DJs from the last party used to say: “I am here, I am horny and ready to cuddle, let’s go”

Pride month is around the corner and we join in with dreamy summer vibes, playful cheeky looks and as always we’ll soak in the atmosphere of colourful steamy queer chaos. Let’s get weird, wild, and wet together.

This time we Cuddle with: ⇾ DASCO ⇾ 131bpm ⇾ Jessica Nightlife ⇾ Dad with Dog (Aaron Blau x puppy)

More info: ⇾ BIPOC and TINA folks will be able to get reduced entry, reach out to us at and we’ll sort it out

⇾ Tickets will be available through RA and reduced amount at the door

⇾ Cuddles is a queer, free and inclusive space ⇾ We don’t tolerate any form of harassment, homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism or shaming, you will be asked to leave ⇾ If you see anyone breaking any of these rules, feel bad or unsafe, please reach out to the staff, we’ll try our best to help you! We can’t wait to cuddle and dance with you! be cute, be cunt, clothes off, come cuddle, The Poodles!

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