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Doors 23:00

Thrilled to announce our new series:

For the first edition we wanted to highlight some of our favorite crews whose parties make Fitzroy bump.


@nicoadomako from
💯 @100einhundert 💯

@ell_djautumn from
🥧 @banoffeepiesrecords 🥧

@hanaby___ from
🧃 @locjuicesystem 🧃

@chengchengchengchengcheng from
👉 @awkwardlysocialberlin 👈

@__p__o__n__y__o__ from
💊 💊

🌀Saturday January 21st🌀

Flyer by @zoespurg

More Events

12/02 Hütte: Lupercalia

Dear friends and allies,

Inspired by ancient pagan traditions and futuristic club esthetics, Hütte is back to the club with a 10-hours Sunday celebration at Fitzroy, on the 12th February.

"In the days around mid-February, in Ancient Rome it was customary to celebrate the Lupercalia, festivals of archaic roots linked to the cycle of death and rebirth of nature, to the subversion of the rules and the destruction of order to allow the world and society to purify and reborn. The servants took the place of the masters and vice versa, with the intention of triggering a process of rebirth by putting the primordial chaos back into action.

Archaic fertility practices foresaw that groups of young naked people, armed with bundles of branches tied with strings, whipped the ground and the inhabitants of Rome running through the streets of the city. Through the whipping of them, "regressed" to the ancestral and divine condition of free sexuality, the soil and the people received a blessing that propitiated fertility and luck."

Let’s come together for warming up the coldest time of the year with ecstatic dance moves, insane party outfits and propitiatory pagan rituals.

Cesco F: @cesco.fredi.cesco
PAULAH: @paulaaaadj Dj Jetski: @djjetski.wav
Magic Nenio aka Dj Pelosae: @magicnenio 


03/03 Subliminal Versatility

Subliminal Versatility is a collective built by 3 electronic music production students, who have come together to redefine the club scene and spark new sounds within Berlin. They focus on a wide variety of sounds living in the high bpm realm, using sounds of techno, breakbeat, Latin - rhythms and hard trance mixed with cinematic noise and textures. Going against Berlin trends they choose to disregard dress codes and focus on building an understanding community, where disrespect and antisocial behavior is not accepted. Racism, sexism and unfriendly behavior is not welcome!
L-Aux :
Headline duties will be delivered by Gian-Andri Laux, a native of Switzerland with Norwegian roots, who has found his creative home in Berlin. Under the alias "L-AUX" he transforms the dance floor into a melancholic driving journey through the jungle of electronic music. Intense yet playful basses, hypnotic though harmonic melodies and driving highs describe his art. As co-founder of the DEMOLITION collective and Resident / Member of RESURRECTION Berlin, Gian is slowly but steadily establishing himself in the music scene.
Goldmund b2b LUCKY4U:
Sound selectors Goldmund and LUCKY4U will be bringing a darker and harder drive to the night. The two founders of subliminal versatility will be matching up in a grand closing mixing the worlds of noise and harmonics through driving hard techno and hard trance. Lucky, a swiss dj and producer, who has developed his influences in the London underground scene portrays dark and endless emotions through noise based, overdriven and distorted sounds. Goldmund, a German / Australian artist with influences developed in the Sydney Rave and Club scene, now studying and residing in Berlin delivers rather playful and climatic emotions, driven through a diverse sound selection often finding itself in a classical music realm. Together they will be delivering a set balanced through lightness and darkness. A concept which they are currently exploring in their new live set project. Juana Valeria b2b Trexeter: On closing duties are Juana Valeria and Trexeter are two Colombian artists living in Germany, enriching Freiburg and Berlin party scenes respectively, with new electronic Latin music. From retro synth sounds and dark atmospheres to up-tempo trance and jungle, this duo gets together in a b2b for the first time to make an unexpected Statement in the sound of Berlin. Suolgga Our opening will be presented through Deep/ groovy techno. This is the main ingredient for this musical act from the cold, arctic parts of Norway. Also known under his alias «DJ iDJa», this artist gains his inspiration from the arctic tundra and from his background as an indigenous electronic musician. He for sure knows how to get the audience moving! For his first ever gig in Berlin, he takes on a new form and a new alias as the artist «Suolgga». He will be doing the opening set and has a unique set planned for us!
Soundcloud handles:
LUCKY4U: @Fegefeuer Collective
Trexeter: @Trexeter
Juana Valeria: @Juana Valeria
Instagram handles:
Collectives Instagram: @subliminal_versatility
@trexeter_ —> TREXETER
@juana.valeria —> Juana Valeria
@luckylec_ —> LUCKY4U
@goldmund.tmh —> Goldmund
@l.aux_music —> L-Aux
@suolgga —> Suolgga

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